Boletín Salud Utopicus - Nº1

Boletín Salud Utopicus - Nº1

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We all worry about going back to work, but it's a situation we're going to face sooner or later. We'll be back, yes, but this time with great caution.

We can't eliminate the uncertainty, but we can do our best to make you feel more secure when you return. Our PURPOSE is to turn our spaces into the healthiest and most hygienic workplaces, meeting the highest standards of SAFETY and HEALTH.

To this end, we have implemented a strict protocol over the last few weeks that is constantly being extended and improved. Ventilation, as well as cleaning, are some of the most critical points in the prevention of COVID-19:



Finally, we remind you of the preventive processes that have already been implemented:

  • We have taken additional measures in the maintenance and daily cleaning of the space, as well as new security protocols in the reception of correspondence and parcels. 
  • We limit the mobility of club and flex memberships between the different Utopicus spaces (Utopicus Passport). Please choose your favourite Utopicus and avoid unnecessary journeys.
  • We recommend that you keep a safety distance of two meters in the common areas of the space and avoid sharing office material or equipment.
  • We have reduced the capacity of the meeting rooms by half (for example, if the capacity is 6 people, it is reduced to 3), to maintain a sufficient distance and avoid risks.
  • External visits will be restricted to meeting rooms near the reception of the space. In this case, the rest of the floors cannot be used.
  • We have removed the crockery from the space, so we take this opportunity to remind you that if you are going to need them, bring your own utensils.


Every week, we will inform you of the progress made. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

If you would like to make a suggestion, you can do so below: