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Financing Advice

Do you have a project in mind? Is it innovative and feasible? Have you just created your business and need to launch new business opportunities?  


At Utopicus we want to support you and do so in various ways. Ask us with no obligation!

Find financing: We give you free advice on the best aid schemes for your business and deal with managing the applications.


How can we help you? 


  • By seeking bank financing with the Aval Madrid procedure.

  • By presenting your project to one of the ENISA* financing lines to qualify for one of its participating loans. In this case, we work according to success! If you don't obtain the financing, we don’t charge you for the service.

  • Diagnosing the financial health of your business. We advise and accompany you in improving the financial management of your company.

  • Application for EU subsidies. We have a network of collaborators with extensive experience in providing support, facilitating networking and obtaining EU funding. Take the leap with Europe!

  • Advice on crowd funding. We advise you in the world of crowd funding and put you in touch with the organizations with which we collaborate to promote this form of financing that we are so fond of supporting.


Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Also, remember that Utopicus offers ASESOR_US, your personal financial advisor on site:

  • Incorporation of companies

  • Purchase and sale of companies 

  • Fiscal, labour and accounting advice


* ENISA is a state company –dependent on the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through the General Directorate of Industry and SMEs – which actively participates in the financing of feasible and innovative business projects.